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PMS UDS Diagnoser

With PMS UDS Diagnoser full diagnostic access to all controllers in a network


1 - The user interface of the PMS UDS Diagnoser tool


The PMS UDS Diagnoser

The PMS UDS Diagnoser offers the access to all up-to-date microcontrollers via LAN and fieldbuses. Cascaded distributed fieldbusses, as for example Flexray, CAN and LIN are featured as well as simple peer-to-peer connections with for example USB. Controllers equipped with the PMS Standos operating systems executes and responses the messages sent by the PMS UDS Diagnoser. PMS UDS Diagnoser offers you all

possibilities for software development, debugging, testing and the long term quality and security monitoring throughout the lifetime of your product.

All UDS communication in one tool

The PMS UDS Diagnoser is the ideal development tool for embedded networks. PMS UDS Diagnoser feautures the powerfull debugging of cascaded networks and distributed controllers. The PMS UDS Diagnoser enables you to do all remoting communication in one tool:

 Download of programs and data
 Upload of skripts as fx statement list
Debugging via the Standos
Diagnose and error memory (DTC)
Process monitoring and control
Message skripting and logging

 PMS configuration tools

UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMING STUDIO offers you complete system solutions. Two additional UPS tools enables you to do all the necessary configuration of your system:

1.The PMS Configurator determines all diagnostic and error memory configuration and code generation for your target systems.

2. PMS Messenger configures all your UDS messages, which can transports one or more signals in one message.

1 – All UDS messages are implemented

All Targets directly addressable

The default interface is set in the IDE of UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMING STUDIO. PMS UDS Diagnoser boosts this accesability by offering you the fastest and easiest way to directly access distributed targets via cascaded networks. For PC networks DotNet remoting is applied, enabling accesses via the internet and LAN. For embedded systems all popular field busses and local busses can be applied, for example Flexray, CAN and LIN.

Select UDS messages in tree structure

All UDS messages can be selected user friendly in a tree structure. Data objects and DTC errors can be set up in an MS-Access data bank and can then be selected from an argument table. The data to be written to the target or the data read from the target are input, respective shown, in another table. The actual message, which thereby had been created interactively by you, is finally displayed in a text field. The message can be set together completely interactively or it can be written, copy-pasted or modified in the text field directly.

Powerful scripting and logging

The message can be repeated by a setable number of times and by a configurable interval. One or more messages can be stored in files, thereby making message scripting an easy thing. Message scripting and logging files can be edited, started and stoped in a very flexible and user friendly way. Extended C - like message scripting commands feature if- structures, while-loops and file commands.

Bus scan on cascaded networks

A bus scan can be started to explore automatically all the connected and active nodes on the actual cascaded network. UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMING STUDIO enables you the direct switching between the targets.