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The PMS StandOS ® Operating System

The universal standard operating system for all embedded microcontrollers


® PMS and StandOS are registered trademarks

All PMS StandOS operating systems react similar to the outer world

The standard operating system StandOS is applied in many industrial controllers for many years. The newest release of StandOS offers numberous new powerful features for all microcontrollers, both CISC, RISC and DSPs. Because of the unique interface of the StandOS operating systems all kinds of controllers can be configured, programmed, tested and monitored by the same PMS PC tools. The configuration tools PMS StandOS Configurator and PMS Diagnostic Configurator can configure all the different controllers equipped with PMS StandOS.

Forget HAL and PAL

Now you don’t need to implement the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and Processor Abstraction Layer (PAL) for your applications anymore. Because now StandOS is your HAL and PAL. In this way you can reduce your programming effort by up to 50%. Your microcontroller system is now faster on the market and is running more secure. StandOS offers the diagnostic services via Ethernet and field busses not only for development and testing, but also for data acquisition and security and quality monitoring throughout the lifetime of your products.

Easy interfacing to all kinds of events

All kinds of timer interrupts, external and internal interrupts, all kinds of events and the idle loop can easily be configured in the organisation explorer of the PMS StandOS Configurator. And all digital and analog inputs and outputs can now just as easy be accessed by process variables for both reading and writing. Not only by your application, but also via networks for other remote controllers. Also the PMS diagnostic, debugging and testing tools communicate via these networks. All IOs are globally accessible, the application software can run on any controller connected to the PMS networks. The messages, which enables this, are interactively created by the PMS configurators.

PMS UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMING STUDIO offers the largest number of graphical editors

Function block editor
Flow chart editor
Decision table

 State diagram editor

The graphical programming offers the huge advantage of a target independent programming. The target independency is possible due to the unified StandOS interfaces to the outer world.

Diagnose and error memory

The PMS diagnose and error memory applications are running on all StandOS operating systems and can be configured by the PMS Diagnostic Configurator. The PMS Diagnoser features all UDS diagnosis and error memory communication between the PC and your targets.

Process monitoring and control

The PC tool PMS Monitor enables you to monitor and control all kinds of distributed industrial controllers. Even cascaded networks as Internet - Ethernet - CAN - LIN can be monitored. The user can set up his individual monitor screens with track bars, bar displays, analog displays, oscilloscopes and tables.

Interpreters offer target independency

Java, C# and PLCs make the advantage of hardware independency due to interpreters obvious to everybody. This advantage is now also available for embedded systems by the PMS IEC-61131 compatible interpreters. The graphics editors create automatically a standard ANSI-C code or an IEC-61131 interpreter code. Programming for both interpreter PLCs and in C programmable embedded controllers are offered. The IEC-61131 interpreters can run in parallel on all StandOS operating systems.