BMS for Automotive Lithium Ion Accumulators

The Battery Control Tool

With BMS for modular 24V batteries, for 500V High Energy batteries and for high current batteries for SuperCaps PMS offers a complete and well coordinated system for automotive energy storages. Every 24V accumulator has ist own BMS (Batterie Management System), or ECU (Electronic Control Unit) as it is called in the automotive branch. Every 24V accumulator is a independent battery, which can be switched in serial, to attain the intended string voltage. The string voltage is normaly about 500V.

All battery modules are connected to the CAN real time bus, which again is connected to the string BMS. The string BMS is the connection to the outer world. For the battery is the outer world the drive chain, consisting of the electric motors, the gear case, the breaking system and last-not-least the battery system.

The modul BMS measures and supervises continously all cell voltages, all cell temperatures and continuously calculates the State of Charge (SOC) and the aging, the State of Health (SOH). The cell SOC and the cell temperatures are used to calculate the maximal charching and decharging currents.

The permanent breaking and acceleration of cars sum up in big energy losses, dust from the brakes and from combustion engines harmful combustion gases. All this can be decreased significantly by recuperation storages with SuperCaps. For this PMS offers a recuperation BMS, which performs all the needed functions for charging and decharching the SuperCap accumulator.

Further properties of the 3 BMS are the build-in Functional Safety and the Lifecycle Monitoring. All BMS are equipped with features so that the batteries can be mass produced and the service at the garage is as easy and safe as possible.

All 3 BMS continuosly run self tests in the background, which supervises all sensor data and all calculated data. In cases of detected errors, are the errors entered into the internal DTC error data bank. All 3 BMS for sure comply with all AutoSAR standards at the diagnose, the self test and the DTC.

At the service station the tool BatteryControl is available, to monitor and control all data of module BMS, string BMS and high voltage BMS. Here the data from the DTC error memory might be of special interest for the service people.