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The PMS AutoSAR Tester

Automated black box test with MS- Visual Basic Scripts


Automated black box test

The PMS AutoSAR Tester features the automated black box test, where the tests are implemented by running MS- Visual Basic Scripts in a MS-Excle table.  

First the test specification is entered in a MS-Excel table. Then in the MS- Windows user interface of the PMS AutoSAR Tester, the test can be started by a mouse click. The AutoSAR Tester is then stepping through the test specification either in real time or in a settable animated speed. At each test step, data are set or read in the one of the distributed target ECUs.

The purpose of the device tester hardware is the verification of all requirements for the device as well as to prove the functional safety of the system, whereby striving for 100% coverage

Test specification with test results

The read environment data are directly written into the test specification as well as the passed/failed result of the test.

Stress tests shall prove that all requirements are met also on harsh conditions. To test this, the system is tested if it can withstand for example excessive temperatures, forces, voltages and currents up to the required limits and thereby still fulfils all requirements.


Many errors only occur after a longer time. So the tests are running in loops until a predefined time has run out or a certain number of loops have been passed. In the tree windpw at the left side all test steps are documented.