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PMS ASCON Configurator

The Configuration Tool for your Ascon4 Embedded Realtime Controllers


The user interface of the PMS Ascon Configurator


Customise your Ascon4 Controllers

With the PMS ASCON Configurator you can customize your ASCON4 controllers to the exact needs of your application. This configurator allows you to utilize all available hardware IOs to the maximum extent.

Configuring the Ascon4-Dig ECUs

Each of the 12 digital input port pins and each of the 12 digital output port pins can be configured to be:

  • A digital port
  • A PWM port
  • A clock port
  • 2 ports form a AB encoder
  • 3 ports form a ABC encoder

Your settings of the PMS Ascon Configurator will be the configuration for the realtime PMS StandOS operating system. All signals can be modified at runtime by the application software.

Configuring the Ascon4-Ana ECUs

Each of the 12 analog input ports allow input voltages of up to 12V, with an 12 bit accuracy.

The analog inputs of Ascon4-Ana can be configured for

  • Fast conversion time
  • Slow conversion, filtering out noise
  • Alarm when exceeding a max value
  • Alarm when undercutting a min value

Ascon4-Ana features the following analog outputs:

  • 8 analog outputs with 10 bit accuracy
  • 4 programmable loads

PMS StandOS offers several signals, which can be modified at runtime:

  • Triangle signals of different shapes
  • Sinus signals
  • Customer formed signals


Extend your application with the H-Bus

The H-Bus from the Phoenix Contact housings offers huge extention possibilities by just coupling the ECUs together on the U-chain. A CAN bus, a LIN bus, six synchronisation lines and an alarm line connects all Ascon4-Dig and Ascon4-Ana coupled together on the H-Bus.