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Our products are continously improved. Now again our products are improved dramatically:

Top Items

  • PMS Universal Programming Studio
    Our integrated development platform PMS Universal Programming Studio is improved strongly in many respects.
  • PMS Standos
    The PC operating system PMS StandOS-PC is now running on all ARM Cortex M3 and M4 microcontrollers
  • PMS ConfiguratorStandOS
    The configuration tool PMS ConfiguratorStandOS is a powerful and ease-to-use configuration tool for your PMS StandOS operating system.
  • PMS ConfiguratorDiagnostic
    With PMS Diagnostic Configurator you can interactively configure and generate real time code for all diagnostic and error memory tasks as defined in the automotive standard AutoSAR.
  • PMS Monitor
    The PC tool „PMS Monitor“ features the distributed monitoring and control  of all controllers equipped by the Standos operating systems. The user can interactively edit his individual monitor screens and can save them for future sessions. All process data from the remote controllers can be monitored and controlled via configurable windows with tables, track bars, display bars, analog displays and oscilloscopes.