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PMS ® Prahm Microcomputer Systeme  

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IDE - Integrated Development Environment

PMS Universal Programming Studio ®
The universal embedded system for real time software development, diagnosis, monitoring and system test

PMS Universal Programming Studio - The hardware and software system solution for embedded automotive and automation systems

The integrated software development systeme PMS Universal Programming Studio ® makes your development easier and speeds up the time-to-market of your products.


Tools and Software

Graphical programming with on-line debugging in the graphical editors:

  • Function Blocks

  • Flow Charts

  • Structograms

  • State Diagrams

  • Decision Tables

StandOS ® Operating System with UDS diagnosis, self diagnosis and DTC, configurators included.

AutoSAR Tester for automated skript controlled tests in MS-Excel tables with Device Tester and ASCON4

Battery Monitoring and Configuration Tool for the PMS BMS system



Real-Time ECUs ASCON4 on hat rail with screw IOs, H bus and LAN, CAN, LIN and USB

  • 12 Digital IOs with PWM IOs and AB and ABC encoder IOs

  • 12 Analog IOs with 12 bit accuracy and 4 programmable resistors

 19" Test System Device Tester with tests for short to GND, short to VCC and disrupted connection

  • Digital IOs with PWM IOs and AB and ABC encoder IOs

  • Analog IOs

  • Programable Loads

  • Current measurements

Battery Management System for lithium ion batteries

  • Module BMS for battery modules with 6 or 12 cells with CAN bus

  • String BMS for 500V battery strings, with LAN and 2 CAN interfaces

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® UPS and Universal Programming Studio are registered trademarks
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