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Software for Professionals

PMS- Software is the top software for professionals from professionals. We know the needed system requirements for up-to-date industrial controllers. And we know how to make use of the computing power of modern microcontrollers, so that you become the best possible applications in the easiest way possible. We set the power of modern computers into life for your success. Profit from our top producs basing on the newest technologies. Arrive your targets easier, faster and better.

The success story of PMS

Since the early 1980'ies PMS delivers innovative microcontroller solutions for the industry. PMS developed microcontroller boards and software developing tools with compilers, assemblers, linkers and debuggers. We are the inventors of rapid prototyping solutions and diagnostic software. And we are the inventors of software PLC and fieldbus communication. We are the technological market leader from the very beginning and we are for sure the technological market leader in the future.

What we can offer you

Only from PMS you can get complete solutions for the developments of your computerised applications. This means all PC development tools, network software, embedded operating systems and embedded applications. In short: universal solutions from one hand:

  • PC- development tools: Creation of specifications, configuration, graphical programming tools, archivation, debuggers, diagnose, process measurement & control  and black box tests.
  • Network software: All common fieldbusses as CAN, FlexRay, LIN and Profibus, PC nets and integrated internet access with our PMS StandOS operating systems and PC tools.
  • The embedded operating system PMS-Standos running on all ARM Cortex microcontrollers and PCs/IPCs, with configuration tools for the operating systems, diagnosis and error memory.
  • Embedded Applications as IEC-61131 interpreters, AutoSAR diagnose, DTC error memory and EEPROM drivers.
  • ECU Hardware: Ascon4-PLCs, the 19" tester Device Tester and applications as for example the PMC Automotive Battery System.
  • Customer specific hard- and software development: Embedded software made with Segger Embedded Studio and MS-Windows software made with MS-Visual Studio.

Registrations in Europe and North America

® PMS is a registered trademark of PMS Prahm Microcomputer Systeme
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® StandOS is a registered trademark of PMS Prahm Microcomputer Systeme

Dipl. Ing. Fred Uwe Prahm is the founder and owner of PMS Prahm Microcomputer Systeme