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DTC error memory

PMS DTC error memory

Errors and troubles allways under control

The PMS DTC error memory is available for all Standos operating systems. PMS Diagnoser features the communication to the distributed Standos operating systems vi athe Standos interface as for example Ethernet, CAN- Bus, FlexRay or LIN. The PMS Diagnose Configurator enables you a unique and target independent configuration of the UDS diagnose, of the DTC error memory and of the EEPROM memory, especially...

  • All DTC error memories with an unlimited number of freeze frames
  • Historical data
  • The optional storing of environment data as for example voltage, current, temperatur...
  • Error counter, date and time are allways stored

Terms of delivery

You receive the DTC error memory as object and header files, to be able to import all setting made by the diagnose configurator.

The DTC error memory software must run on the respective Standos operating system. The license for the PMS DTC error memory enables you to make as many copies for the dedicated controller as you want.

DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Code