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Rapid prototyping products
The fastests way to your complete system

Two contradictionary tendencies are clearly visible: First embedded systems shall be more and more intelligent and secure. More and more tasks shall be tackled by software, so that the software is getting more and more complex and the programming efforts are growing drastically. 

On the other hand you only have a chance to be successfull, when your product is on the market within a short time. When you are too slow, your product is possibly "an old hat", which will not be accepted on the market.

The solution for this contradiction are our rapid prototyping products. To enable you not to loose time and to start the development of the functionality of your system instantly, we deliver you all neccessary standard parts from store. This means all hardware, the Standos operating system and the Standos applications as the UDS-diagnose and the DTC error memory. The only thing which is left for you is the development of your application software, which is no problem anymore applying our Universal Programming Studio.