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The Monitor
Powerfull and versatile Online Monitoring and control

PMS Monitor


Monitor and control with tables, track bars, bars, analog displays and oscilloscopes

The PMS Monitor supports you in the complete software development process of distributed multiprocessor systems. The network structure set up by UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMING STUDIO is apllied to adress the remote controllers via ethernet, fieldbusses and point-to-point interfaces.The network messages can easily be set up by the PMS Symbol editor. The PMS-Standos operating systems receive the messages send by the PMS Monitor and does the reading and writing of data in the respective remote controllers.

For the interconnection of PCs/IPCs MS-DotNet-Remoting is applied. This offers all PMS-Monitor users the powerfull data transfers via the internet and intranet. When the target system is set to localhost the Standos operating system on the local PC is addressed, offering the simulation (modeling) of processes on the local PC.

The PMS-Monitor enables you to monitor and control all your distributed controllers by the textual interface of tables, by track bars, bar displays, analog displays and last-not-least by oscilloscopes.