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S7 interpreter

PMS S7 Interpreter

The Simatic S7 on your embedded system

The PMS Simatic S5 Interpreter makes your programs as target independent as this is the case at Simens Simatic, Java and C#. You only have to flash this interpreter to the target to be able to download and rund the S5 interpreter code on your target.

The PMS S7 Interpreter is standaduzed in the IEC-61131 Standard and hence compatible to Simatic S7. The PMS Function Block Editor can directly create IEC-61131 interstruction list target code. This code can then be downloaded into the PMS- ASCON PLC.

Terms of delivery

You receive the S5 Interpreter as target code in for example intel hex or s-record. The S5 interpreter  software must run on the respective Standos operating system. The license for the PMS S5 interpreter enables you to make as many copies for the dedicated controller as you want.

*Simatic und Simatic S5 are registered trademarks of Siemens AG
*Java is a registered trademarks of Sun Incorperation
*C# is a registered trademarks of Microsoft