ASCON51 Compact PLC


The BMW among the PLCs for a payable price

PMS ASCON51 is programmed like a Simatic S5 or Simatic-S7* PLC. PMS-ASCON51 can be clicked on current rails. ASCON51 offers you far more possibilities in comparison to other PLCs from other manufacturers:

  • Simatic S5 or S7 like interpreter PLC
  • Simatic S5 or S7 like software PLC
  • Use all graphical editors and C

When applied as software PLC you can extend the functionallity of the standard S5 and S7 PLCs without limits by all graphical tools of the Universal Programming Studio.

Terms of delivery:

  • PMS-ASCON51 PLC with all S7-100 features
  • 16 opto decouled inputs, 16 relais outputs, 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs. The inputs and outputs can be extended via CAN and LIN
  • The Standos operating system  with CAN and LIN interfaces, download, UDS diagnose, DTC error memory and EEPROM
  • All PMS configuration, diagnose and  programming tools can be employed for PMS ASCON51

* Simatic-S5 and Simatic-S7 are protected trademarks of Siemens AG