The Diagnose Configurator

PMS Diagnose Configurator

Configurator for the PMS Diagnose

With this tool it is possible to make a unique configuration of the UDS* diagnose, the DTC* error memory and the EEPROM memory for all Standos operating systems. The diagnose is capable to use the communication interfaces of Standos, as for example Ethernet, CAN bus, FlexRay or LIN. You can make dfferent diagnose settings in the corresponding projects.

After theese few inputs is the diagnose ready to be started:

  • Configuration of UDS diagnose jobs and of diagnose modes
  • Set up of the DTC error memory with a unlimited number of Freeze Frames
  • Set Up of the EEPROM memory for DTC, Coding and the storing of NV data

The PMS diagnose configurator is only deliverable together with at least one Standos operating system or as part of a Rapid Prototyping system.

*UDS = Unified Diagnostic Services, new Diagnose standard, successor of KWP2000
*DTC = Dianostic Trouble Code