The Standos Configurator

PMS Standos Configurator

Configuring the Standos Operating Systems

By this tool a unique configuration of all Standos operating systems are done. Only PMS offers you this tool to set up the complete HAL and PAL layers between the operating system and the application. You can set up several projects, in which you do the specific project and target depending settings for the Standos operating systems.

After these four entries are the HAL and PAL layers of Standos ready for your application:

  • Kind and number of process data, especially inputs, outputs and internal data (markers)
  • Determination of init and afterrun organisation blocks
  • Determination of the timer organisation blocks ( 1msec, 10 msec, 100 msec and so on)
  • Determination of interrupts and events (alarm organisation blocks)

In the organisation explorer of PMS Universal Programming Studio you can then make your calls of your individual programming blocks in the organisation blocks. This is an example of how the clear and intuitive concepts of the PMS system can ease and speed up your work quite substancially.

The PMS Standos Configurator is only deliverable together with at least one Standos operating system or/and a rapid prototyping system.

HAL = Hardware Abstraction Layer
PAL = Processor Abstraction Layer