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PMS Standos IPC

PMS Standos IPC

The standard operating system for industrial PCs

the industrie PC, which is supported by the PMS Standos IPC operating system, can be configured by the PMS Standos Configurator:

  • Unlimited number of digital and analog inputs
  • Unlimited number of digital and analog outputs
  • Up to 65.000 internal data bytes (marker bytes)
  • Unlimited TCP/IP, CAN and LIN bus interfaces, respective other interfaces

PMS Standos IPC enables industrial PCs to communicate via DotNet Remoting (registered trademark of Microsoft). In this way all the PMS Universal Programming Studio tools and all distributed industrial PCs inclusive all the controllers on the subbusses can exchange data via the internet and local area networks (Ethernet) via the TCP/IP protocol.

The number of inputs and outputs can be extended substancially via WAN, LAN, fieldbusses and point-to-point interfaces. When a connected device is equiped by PMS Standos, then this device can run as a device extender for all other controllers connected to the PMS interfaces.

Services Standos IPC

Adaption for PMS Standos IPC
PMS offers you the adaption of PMS Standos IPC to your special industrial PC or our rapid prototyping IPC. The prize is Euros per hour. It is assumed, that the development is done mainly in our house, and that you provide PMS by your respective IPC and with all neccessary development tools (C-Compiler, Linker and so on). For the development in your house costs for travel and hotel may be added. The addaption takes on average two weeks. Alternatively fix costs can be negotiated.