80x51 eurocheck card

PMS 80x51 eurocheck card

The complete 80x51 controller

80x51 eurocheck card applies this reliable 8-bit microcontroller. The PMS Standos 8051 can be configurated by PMS Standos Configurator as follows:

  • Up to 32 binary inputs
  • Up to 32 binary outputs
  • Up to 16 analog inputs (10 bit)
  • Up to 16 analog outputs (8 bit)
  • Up to 64 marker bytes
  • 1 CAN bus interface
  • 1 LIN bus interface or UART/SCI

The number of inputs and outputs can be extended via CAN and UART for more than the ten-fold. When a connected device is equiped by PMS -Standos 8051, then this device can run as a device extender for all other controllers connected to the PMS interfaces. No application software is neccessary.

Terms of delivery:

  • 16 digital or analog inputs, 16 digital or analog outputs. The inputs and outputs can be extended via CAN and LIN
  • The Standos operating system  PMS Standos 8051 with CAN and UART/LIN interfaces, download, UDS diagnose, DTC error memory
  • All PMS configuration, diagnose and  programming tools can be employed for the 80x51 eurocheck card.