Dipl. Ing. Fred Uwe Prahm
Dipl. Ing. Fred U.Prahm
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Software for Professionals

PMS software is top software from professionals for professionals. We know how software for industrial controllers must look like. And we know how to exploit the computing power of modern computers for the tasks of your machines. We make CAD - Computer Aided Design - to a reality. Utilize with PMS tools the maximum of what modern technologies can offer you.

The success story of PMS

Since the early 1980'ies PMS delivers innovative microprocessor solutions for the industry. PMS delivers microcontroller boards and software development tools with own compilers, assemblers, linkers and debuggers. We delivered rapid prototyping solutions and diagnostic software when these terms were still completely unknown. And we are the inventor of software PLC and modeling. We are the technological marked leader with the stronges and most advanced products worldwide.

Dipl. Ing. Fred Uwe Prahm

The founder and leader of PMS - Prahm Microcomputer Systeme is Dipl. Ing. Fred Uwe Prahm. Mr Prahm made his diplom as electronic engineer on the engineer school Köbenhavns Teknikum in copenhagen in 1979. At Siemens in munich he developed embedded software for digital telephone switching systems. As leading developer of his company he could gather important experience in the areas automotive and automation. Very soon he recognized the urgently need for good development tools. So he started in as early as 1982 with the creation of own software development tools.