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Our Products

Operating systems, development tools and applications - all from one hand

Software development tools, embedded operating systems and embedded applications are now deliverable as universal system solution from PMS. The advantages for the user are quite obvious: An extensive system for the complete development cycle, an unified graphical programming for many different microprocessors at a very high level, with embedded applications running on the PMS StandOS operating systems. The embedded applications as diagnose and error memory are optional and can be configured comfortably on the PC. Additionally are highly efficient tools offered for the creation of specifications,  user friendly project tracking and for the black box system test.

The Standos Operating System

The PMS Standos Operating Systems are deliverable for all popular microcontrollers and microprocessors. On these standardized operating systems a big number of embedded applications are running  as for example debugging, diagnose, DTC error memory, coding, interpreter languages, measurement & control, process monitoring and control, system test, and up- and download of application programs and data.

Together with the StandOS operating systems comes the configuration tools ConfiguratorStandOS to configure the operating system and ConfiguratorDiagnose to configure the diagnose messages and the error memory.

Graphical Programming

Now you are able to program graphically in addition to the known textual programming in C, C++ und C#:

    Functions block language
Flow chart
    State diagramm
    Decision table and
    Ladder diagram

All graphical and textual programming languages can surely be combined with each other. At each Save of a graphical program automatically a C code is created. In this way all graphical and textual modules can be compiled and linked and can then finally be downloaded into the microprocessor controller as Intel-Hex or S-Record. The simulation can be done directly in the graphic and text editors. For the simulation (Modelling) is the unmodified C-Code applied. No Continous problems anymore !

Distributed Controllers           

A substantial and integrated part of the PMS systems is the communication via fieldbusses, LAN, WAN and point-to-point interfaces. Popular fieldbusses are CAN from the automotive industry and profibus from the automation, as well as co-busse as MOST, FlexRay and LIN. With LAN and WAN also PC nets and the internet are supported. Up to low-cost sulutions with LIN, UART and SSI. PMS Universal Programming Studio is the tool for the development of distributed controllers !